There’s never a better day to start than today!

This is what I have been telling myself through every step of starting Barnet Dog Walking (including venturing in to this unfamiliar territory.) But this scary step in to the blogging universe is to show how I spend time with the dogs and cats I look after and how I build the bonds between us. This, I hope, is something that might inspire you to do something similar or find solace in the fact that somebody else is trying out those weirdy things that we animal lovers find hard to resist.

As Christmas is fast approaching I will be looking at how to make dog treats, pet furniture, toys and reviewing all the goodies you could think of for spoiling your pooch at this time of year. (You can also check some more of this out on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) Inevitably these things don’t always go smoothly no matter how good your Instagram filtering skills; biscuits crumble in to dust, dog beds you thought would be good for a Border Collie are just big enough for the teensy tiniest Chihuahua, food lovingly laboured over for hours in the kitchen gets a turned up nose and a sly little sulk off (the dog I swear, not me….) However, I hope that you find something that will inspire you and that you can enjoy together with your pets.

Throughout the year I will also be going over different training techniques, games, lead skills and various sports that I do with the animals in my care to exercise them both physically and mentally. We all know what a bored dog is capable of and sometimes a simple game for a few minutes every day, a tailor made toy/puzzle or incorporating them in to your New Year’s resolution to exercise more can help alleviate that boredom and bring you closer together to boot.

Let me be clear though, I am in no way a qualified animal behaviourist or trainer but I do like to try things out that these people recommend and am a big advocate for positive reinforcement training. I believe this is what helps nurture the relationships we enjoy with our furry friends. All I hope is that I can bring some attention to different elements of training that I find interesting and showcase a different repertoire than you might already be doing at home.

Ultimately just giving a bit more time and attention to our pets is the goal however you choose to do it! (This is why I do a solo service for dog walking so that the time that they get to spend out in the day is really all about them and them alone.) So let’s all start improving those relationships today and show our fur babies just how important they are to us!

 *Just so you know – I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the products or companies written about in my blog. (outside of Barnet Dog Walking because that’s me! ^_^) My posts are purely my own opinions and experiences.