Cheese & Oatmeal Dog Biscuits


For my first attempt at cooking for Lily (the beautiful Border Collie on the banner) I thought I would try something fairly simple. The recipe I chose was a straightforward, 3 ingredient biscuit.

First of all I should admit that I have a slight obsession with cookbooks. How people aren’t obsessed by these gorgeously glossy books filled with mouth-watering recipes that are rarely, if ever actually cooked from, I don’t know. However, this year I moved house and my partner convinced (*cough*…forced…) me to rid our bookshelves of some of these cookbooks. That said I still have 20+ in our kitchen and can now say I am also the proud owner of Lily’s Kitchen – Dinner for Dogs, much to my partners dismay.

I already give Lily’s Kitchen treats to both cats and dogs that I look after and so knew that whatever I cooked was likely to go down well. This year I even gave their advent calendar as presents to Lily and Zag which you can see more of here. I can’t recommend their food highly enough as I have been able to cater confidently and easily to pets with allergies and even got a food adverse dog to start wolfing down her meals. So, if you get a chance do check out what they have on offer.


Making the biscuits.

The 3 ingredients for these biscuits were Oatmeal, Goose Fat & Cheese mixed together (I used medium milled oatmeal as it was all I could find in the shops but if you can get your hands on fine milled oatmeal I think this would massively improve the results) with a couple of spoons of boiling water to loosen the fat.

Mixing bowl with oats, fat and water – minus the cheese

I then tipped this mixture out on to a chopping board and padded it flat with my hands. I did try to roll out the “dough” but it was far too crumbly (because of the medium oatmeal) and so I gave up on that pretty quickly and just used my hands. I think this also helped bind the ingredients as the heat from my hands probably melted the fat and cheese together a bit more as well.

“Dough” padded down and ready to cut

I then got a little doggy cookie cutter and popped the biscuits on to a baking tray, banged them in the oven for 20 minutes and that was it, they were done!

Cookie cut-outs
The finished biscuit











The end results.

I have since used these biscuits as rewards during clicker training with Lily but they were VERY crumbly and went everywhere, which kind of distracted her from the training in general. She would take a bit of biscuit, crumbs would then end up all over the floor and she would spend the next 5 minutes licking the entirety of the kitchen floor… *sigh* I have since decided it’s probably better to use them out and about where the mess isn’t so important.

Overall I do think these were a success as Lily does love them and is on her best behaviour whenever they are cracked out so I might give them a go again if I can get my hands on some fine oatmeal and update on the results.

Since Christmas is on the horizon the next recipe I’m going to try from this book is for Mince Pies (I will also be trying my hand at ones for humans too!) The recipe in the book calls for Turkey mince, as obviously doggies can’t have the fruity kind people enjoy, but unfortunately Lily is allergic to Turkey so I will be cobbling together a bit of an alternative recipe inspired by the one in the book. Fingers crossed they go down as well as the biscuits did!

 *Just so you know – I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the products or companies written about in my blog. (outside of Barnet Dog Walking because that’s me! ^_^) My posts are purely my own opinions and experiences.