Meaty Mince Pies!

I might be getting a little bit excited as Christmas draws nearer as this is, by far, my favourite time of the year! A long time ago I spent a few years going from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere chasing the winter and the accompanying snow, as I worked and played in ski resorts around the world. This was a magical part of my life and it’s safe to say, as the nights get shorter, the woolly hats and gloves are unearthed from drawers and the smell of cinnamon grows stronger in the air, a part of my soul comes alive and I just can’t contain my excitement!

I now enjoy the winter in my home in North London in a completely different way. The days of waking up to metres of snow and the echoing booms of avalanche blasting are a distant memory but for all those years I largely missed out on all the Christmas cheer. It’s funny, you may well live in a winter wonderland but if the country you’re in think a traditional Christmas dinner is KFC (I kid you not! I loved Japan but this was not it’s finest moment) then you come to appreciate the comforts of home. For me those comforts could not be better represented at Christmas than by the almighty Mince Pie! These little beauties are synonymous with the festive period and it brought me so much joy to be able to share this with my doggy pals this year.

Much to my relief this meaty version (which now I think about it, are probably a waaaaaay more traditional version than our sweet kind) went down an absolute treat. They even looked so tasty that the humans around me wanted to try them too even after finding out that they were for dogs.

The recipe I went for was another one from the Lily’s Kitchen – Dinner for Dogs cookbook that I used for the last post on Oaty Biscuits. And as I said before, and will say again, do check them out – everything they do is ace!



This recipe called for more than double the ingredients than the last post with a whopping total of 7 different ingredients!! However this recipe was not doubly hard and took all in all about 50 minutes to make, including 30 mins of baking time. I also changed the recipe slightly as it called for turkey mince but the dog I made them for is allergic to turkey, so I substituted it for beef mince. I don’t know if turkey would have packed down more but I was left with an awful lot of beef mince after filling my mince pies and so I would recommend the following ingredient measurements:

200g Beef Mince

3/4 tbsp. fresh parsley

1/8 tsp. ground ginger

200g plain flour

100ml oil

1 egg, beaten

50g grated cheddar

I started by making the meat filling. This was as simple as popping the mince, chopped parsley & ginger in to a bowl and stirring it all together.

Way too much meat mix

I then made the pastry by mixing the flour, oil, egg and cheese in a bowl until a dough was formed. This dough was then tipped on to a floured surface and rolled out.

Dough – ready to roll

Using a fluted cookie cutter I cut large rounds for the base and gently pushed them in to a bun tin. These were then filled with the meat mixture and topped with slightly smaller rounds of the dough. I also cut little hearts out of some of them because I’m extra like that… I did tell you I love Christmas time, what did you expect?!

Ready to go in the oven

These then went in the oven for 30 minutes and…… Ta Da!!


Well these came out beautifully despite my little heart cut outs looking significantly better before the bake. Much like the last recipe these were quite crumbly. They certainly made a mess on the kitchen floor when they were being eaten but, again like last time, these crumbs were hoovered up pretty quick.

Overall I think these were a huge success and the flaky pastry doesn’t bother me as they are more of an indulgent dessert for dogs as opposed to a training tool. My favourite part of the whole thing was sitting down with a coffee and mince pie at the end of the day and this moment being made 10 times as special because I could share it with my doggy friends. Christmas time is great and all but dogs really make everything extra special!

*Just so you know – I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of the products or companies written about in my blog. (outside of Barnet Dog Walking because that’s me! ^_^) My posts are purely my own opinions and experiences. 

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